As Agni prepares to go to sleep, Luna asks him if he wants to make a baby with her. Is the mangaka a cinephile or something?. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Is his ability truly a blessing or a curse? The crate is blown up with explosives, and Agni’s head falls into the water, where he regenerates. He intervenes, telling the men to leave the elders alone. Name: Agni, Fire Man, Fire Punch Origin: Fire Punch … Reading a lot of the other reviews, I get the impression that people come to this manga with the wrong expectations. He was then able to regenerate his body and attack the remaining soldiers. So of course I have to make a couple threads with him. Agnis small-building level AP doesnt make sense, he didnt destroy the house with his fist, he literally only walked inside of it and the fire did the destruction, by that logic he would be country or continent level since the fire on him doesnt vanish until it loses its fuel. After chasing Togata around, Togata states that she wants to make a deal with Agni; in exchange for leaving Judah alive, Agni has to be the lead actor in the movie she is filming. Togata has compared him to both the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four and Zoro. And whenever you find a civilization they likely have someone among them with superpowers. It is seriously a waste of time. Millions of Years+ (End)33 (Current)23 (After Timeskip)15 (Start) After freeing the slaves who were captured by the soldiers, Agni states he had no intent of saving them, and asks where he should go to reach Behemdolg. At the eighth year, he learned to focus the flames on his body and away from his face, allowing him to breath. Regeneration Read Fire Punch - In a world where some people are gifted with special abilities, the Ice Witch has used her power to set off a brutal, eternal winter through the land. 'v' The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, incinerated a house by walking through it, When Agni asks if she is his sister Luna, as she both looks and sounds exactly like her, Judah states the she has all her memories of her one hundred and thirty year-long life, and that she is not his sister. On the verge of death, Agni prayed for Luna to survive and be safe, regardless of what happened to himself. Agni possess the blessing of Regeneration. He's able to burn the environment, as well as others to death with the fire. Time to Become the Hero Once More! But the narrative is already in motion and so he kills some people (either intentionally or by accident) and those who view the battle end up either revering him as a god or fearing him as a devil. Doma asks what he can do to atone for killing Luna, apart from his own death. Luna argues that they are the only young people in the village and that she loves him, but Agni calls her an idiot while still refusing to have a child with her. As the siblings prepare to sleep, Agni tells Luna how he remembers swimming in the lake on hot days before the world froze, and how the cold water was different from the cold of the present. Agni uses his power of regeneration together with his sister to feed the people of his village, After encountering a fire-wielding soldier, Agni burns in eternal flames with a thirst for revenge, A dark journey towards revenge set in a miserable and post-apocalyptic world. Agni promises to show her the world once it gets warmer. In a world ravaged by an ice age brought upon it by an "Ice Queen", Agni spent his days using his blessing of regeneration to help feed his village by cutting off his own arm along with his sister Luna. As he massacres his "followers", one of them falls to his knees and begs Agni for forgiveness. He uses his strength in combat, and is able to knock a man out with a single punch while not on fire. The next day, San continues to follow Agni, despite the latter’s protests. Agni Y F. PROTIP: Manga Debut But eventually, it felt like the story was erratic just. Agni, rescued San by killing the soldiers and released all the prisoners who thank him greatly. Despite Agni pleading with her not to do so, she takes Juda’s head and tries to drown her. 0 Kudos Agni (Fire Punch) AP downgrade. Agni then freed Luna by cutting off her limbs, promising it would be the last time she would feel pain. His regeneration is extremely powerful (most likely due to his undying will) and is able to regenerate lost limbs instantly and is unable to be killed by Doma's fire blessing. Fire Punch Chapter 82. Nobody knows but it's awesome. Which class do you choose? Our MC, Agni is one of those. In 4chan 's anime and manga board /a/, the face has been used as reaction image, exploitable template and for shitposting, … But will this ability prove to be more of a curse than a blessing? Male When one of the soldiers ran out of ammo, Agni used the opportunity to spit a bullet at them, causing them to set ablaze. Agni is chasing after "Luna" Agni has Fire Punch Gear; Gauntlet is Morals off Just finished Fire Punch. However, San catches up to him again with the help of a woman named Judah. Agni is approached by a man who introduces himself as Doma, stating they are searching for Blessed Ones to bring with them to the city of Behemdolg. Agni feels responsible for Bana’s death, but Luna comforts him and suggests calling the Preist. Looking for information on the manga Fire Punch? At the end of the story, Judah blows the regeneration core in Agni's head out of him. Kanji During the first year of Agni’s burning, he simply lay and screamed in agony through the blizzard. Age: 15 initially, 23 to 33 post time-skip, millions of years old by EoS, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Mid, can completely regenerate from nothing more than a decapitated head in a matter of seconds), Immortality (Type 3), Resistance to Pain Manipulation and Fire Manipulation, Resistance to the vacuum of space, Berserk Mode through Fire Punch Mode, Attack Potency: Wall level (bent metal prison bars, cracked a mecha suit with a punch and damaged a boulder while training) | At least Small Building level (incinerated a house by walking through it), Speed: Subsonic (kept up with an enemy that sliced a man's arm apart faster than the human eye could track), Lifting Strength: Superhuman (tossed a tree trunk over a distance of several meters), Striking Strength: Wall Class | At least Small Building Class, Durability: Wall level (survived a fall from outer space) | At least Small Building level (tanked an attack that destroyed multiple wooden houses), Stamina: Very high.
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