This is a fully furnished 16.46-sqm (177-sqft) studio apartment in the college neighborhood of Takadanobaba, near Waseda University. Assurez-vous d'avoir accès à cette adresse e-mail avant de demander à recevoir un courriel de vérification. All lined up. Trusted by Corporations, individuals and Property owners alike. echange d appartement shanghai contre tokyo, Louer un appartement ou une maison à Tokyo. Offering a wide selection of accommodations, ranging from short stay serviced apartments to long term rental apartments. Find the housing solutions that fits your needs here on Tokyo Apartments. Veuillez sélectionner une région et une catégorie pour pouvoir vous inscrire. The kitchen area, washing machine, and shower are lined up along the opposite wall from the lofted bed. This is the kitchen unit in the apartment. Prix par nuit. demande d'information concernant les prix d' une location au japon. Notre e-mail s'est glissé dans votre boîte de courrier indésirable ? Our English speaking staff will search through 1000's of properties to find the best options for you. Préparez votre intégration de la meilleure façon possible en apprenant la langue. L'adresse e-mail indiquée est inaccessible. This is how you climb up to the lofted bed. Looking for a stylish share house with an easy commute to Shinjuku? And you know space is at a premium when the bed takes up the whole width of the room AND is loftable so that you can use the living space underneath it. Prix en Novembre. utilise des cookies pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience possible. Cette option n'est en effet disponible qu'une seule fois. 132 € En moyenne. Plan du site. Décembre : 199 € +40%. The apartments below are studio apartments, what in Japan would be described as 1R (1 room) or 1K (1 room plus a kitchen) units, which means that they are private apartments, complete with a private kitchen and bathroom, and not just a private bedroom in a share house, where you would be sharing cooking and bathing facilities. Located in Hounancho, about a 16-min ride to Shinjuku, with one transfer. Serviced Apartments. Tokyo Apartments, managed by Enplus, also provides furniture rental, relocation services, property management and investment, and offices throughout Tokyo. There is a stereotype of Japan as a nation of workaholics who labor all day, only to come home to tiny, cramped apartments at night. Bénéficiez des services d'une banque qui vous accompagne dans votre mobilité. Conditions d'utilisation See our recommended properties, or simply send us an inquiry with your requirements and requests. This gives us access to quality properties. Tokyo Apartments, managed by Enplus, also provides furniture rental, relocation services, property management and investment, and offices throughout Tokyo. The "one stop housing solution" when relocating to Tokyo. Vous avez un bien immobilier à vendre ou à louer ? Chambre Meublée Privée Osaki Yamanote Line, Demande de renseignements sur les cheer house, logement 4 nuits juillet Tokyo pour famille. Créer une alerte, © 2020, All rights Reserved Dans un appartement de SAKURA … 2. En poursuivant votre visite sur notre plateforme, vous acceptez l'utilisation de Cookies. Achat, location et vente de biens immobiliers à Tokyo. In this post, we take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum and describe some of the smallest studio apartments currently available for rent in Tokyo, and explain why someone might want to live in such small spaces. Créer un nouveau profil, si vous avez modifié votre adresse e-mail ou que votre adresse e-mail ne peut être vérifiée. Existe t-il des auberges de jeunesse ou colocation à Tokyo? The view from a model room in the Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower building. The view of the living space from the lofted bed. Browse our comprehensive listings and find your ideal apartment in Tokyo and Japan!
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