© Copyright 2020 Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism. Neutra was careful about placing his homes in their environment, so he could make the outdoors and indoors seem more in harmony. See E. Stewart Williams homes and buildings: Chase bank / Coachella Valley Savings and Loan, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Alpine Station, Palm Springs Unified School District building. South of Ocotillo Lodge on East Palm Canyon. William Krisel believed good design shouldn't just be for the rich. Leonardo DiCaprio currently owns the home and when he’s not using it rents it out. Famous residents over the years include Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Dinah Shore, Kirk Douglas, Debbie Reynolds and Marilyn Monroe. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, 19632. The home later became more famous when Elvis Presley and his new wife Priscilla hid out there on their honeymoon. The Alexander Estate was built for a local real estate developer and called the House of Tomorrow. He built more than 200 homes and numerous other buildings in Palm Springs. Palm Springs Post Office, 19708. Also, for more information, click here. Tramway Gas Station, 1963-65 5. With a price tag of about $30,000 in 1957, they were within reach for vacation homeowners. The Mid Century Modernism Estate was built in 1960 by prominent Palm Springs developer Robert Alexander for his wife, Helene. House of Tomorrow / Elvis Honeymoon House. This neighborhood is bordered by Mt. Palm Springs comes to Surbiton: the airy villa shaking up Britain's quintessential suburb Architecture The commuter haven is hardly known for its cutting-edge architecture. Palm Canyon Drive is the most famous promenade in the historic center of Palm Springs. Palm Springs Architecture Attractions: 1. He had been hired to work on the now-historically-significant Kocher-Samson Building in Palm Springs, but Frey's legacy goes much deeper. Take a look inside and chat to the volunteers about any questions you may have about specific homes, architects or things to do in and around Palm Springs. For fans of modernism or just those curious about the unique and beautiful architecture of Palm Springs, learning more about the buildings, homes and those who created them can help create a deeper understanding. Tramway Gas Station, 1963-655. Now that’s some serious star power. John Lautner was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and is known as one of last century’s most important contemporary American architects. Wexler said he preferred to let his work speak for itself rather than apply labels or architectural terminology. The Wexler Steel Houses are also the only Case Study houses in Palm Springs. 300 S Palm Canyon Drive. Frey was one of the early developers of the style that would become known as desert modernism; clean lines, and minimal detail and ornamentation that let the extreme desert environment shine. Tramway Gas Station / Palm Springs Visitor Center. While numerous architects and builders contributed to the aesthetic of Greater Palm Springs, there are a handful of key players that set the bar for modern architecture. George had begun investing in Palm Springs in 1930, as one of the original developers of the Smoke Tree Guest Ranch along with L. Mac Blankenhorn, C.F. Whether you’re an Elvis fan or not, this house offers one of the easiest ways to see inside an original midcentury house in Palm Springs. Conceived as a winter home for a department store magnate, the home is situated on a large lot, with its elements laid out in a pinwheel. Yet another architect who came to Palm Springs from elsewhere, and became so captivated, he settled here, Kaptur had a dramatic influence on desert modernism architecture. The Palm Springs Architects that made Mid-Century Modern Architecture Famous in California. Tract homes were such a big hit in Palm Springs, about 90 were built in Twin Palms. Palm Springs City Hall, 1952-195711. This low-profile masterpiece was designed by Donald Wexler in 1964 and sits on 1.3 acres. Robert Alexander and his wife Helene moved to Palm Springs in 1957. Some of these backyards are literally a giant, rocky mountain (which is hard to see in these photos because it was so rainy and foggy the day I drove through). Del Marcos Hotel was architect Bill Cody’s first Palm Springs commission, setting the tone for post-war modern motels. Over his career, he developed a passion for creating high-quality homes, with smart design that ordinary people could live in and feel good about. Alongside the Gay Pride celebrations, Palm Springs has found itself home to thousands other festival-goers in recent years as the immensely popular Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival continues to expand every year with prolific effect. 1. He built the “House of Tomorrow” for his family in 1960. Lautner’s early work includes a hotel in Desert Hot Springs now called Hotel Lautner which was part of a master planned community of over 100 buildings. Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway, 19577. Hollywood came to Palm Springs to play and getaway from the cameras and fans. The city, in total, covers around 94 square miles and, while it is classed as the largest city in Riverside County, the location is easy to navigate. Bank of America, 1959 9. Favoring the use of natural materials like wood and stone, E. Stewart Williams' first major residential commission came when Rat Pack crooner Frank Sinatra found his way into Williams' office, sat down and asked for a home by Christmas, which was just a few months away. You can’t see much from your street view but admire it quickly and move on! It is said to be where Marilyn lived several months before her death. His now-iconic butterfly roof designs turned the traditional roof shape upside down to dramatic effect, serving the mountain views up as if they were presented in a dish. Want to check out butterfly roof homes, celebrity homes, architecturally important homes in Palm Springs? L’Horizon Hotel is the former vacation retreat of television Jack Wrather who produced shows like “The Lone Ranger” and “Lassie,” designed by architect William F. Cody. The locals will still point out the former homes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe from time-to-time but that shouldn’t distract you from the structural surroundings—it just so happens that the most impressive buildings were once owned by the rich and famous, who’d have thought it? 1350 Ladera Circle. Twin Palms Estates was development beginning in 1957 and designed by William “Bill” Krisel of Palmer and Krisel and built by Alexander Construction Company. While the location can, at times, appear somewhat sleepy, it is worth booking a mid-century tour with ‘Palm Springs Modern Tours’ who detail some of the key spots to check out, that included the Tramway Gas Station, The Wexler Steel Houses and Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway. The exteriors still show his style, but interiors are more 21st century modern than mid-20th-century.
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