Some useful guidelines for satellites follows: There are three copulas ("to be" words) in Trigedasleng. Some verbs don't have or require satellites (auxiliary/modal verbs, function verbs, causative/performative verbs, verbs having to do with agent-initiated motion). Episode Discussions. Save what you need. In Indra's hallucinations of her mother due to the Red Sun Eclipse, she and Sheidheda speak in Trig. Listen to me. It may be used with the pejorative du when talking about someone not held in respect or regard. Send. Ces similarités ne sont clairement pas intentionnelles. After that, it is—”. (see topic "Copulas"), Bilaik can be used to introduce subordinate and relative clauses, and is translated as "that"/"who"/"which" in such cases. It is possible to emphasize plurality using emo or a plural-possessive pronoun. Alternative Names May we meet again: Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim. Noumou. If you do that, you'll be wasting your time. To cover his actions, Murphy orders Echo to pretend that she hates him which Echo complies with in English, successfully fooling Russell. Satellites precede indirect objects and other phrases which follow the verb. Most ordinal numbers, with a few exceptions, are simply the cardinal number + -on, except multiples of ten (+ -t), one hundred (no change), and powers of ten (+ -et). Trigedasleng's number system is inherited from English, so the bulk of the changes are mere respellings to comply with the romanization system developed by David Peterson. The dead are gone and the living are hungry. Here are a few examples from the show: Note that names are not translated into Trigedasleng, only transcribed. I mean to die. Swear it. Daun laik hakom ai don fis klin bilaik oso edei na swich op. 5. Ste, the stative copula, is used with adjectives, and with verb phrases as a progressive auxiliary (see topic "Auxiliaries & Modals"). By the time that Bill Cadogan hears it again on Bardo, he can still understand the language, but it has evolved so much that it "sounds so different" to the version that he knew. In Inclement Weather, Octavia uses Trigedasleng to negotiate for Lincoln's life. de is also used as part of the demonstrative adjective dei de (see topic "Demonstratives"). Its use in certain contexts may indicate disdain. We're owed vengeance, and we won't get it walking away from the battlefield. Trigedasleng is the common language for the Grounder clans and nations, but is not the only language they use. Octavia expresses that she doesn't understand why she needs to learn it. Realizing that she knows who he really is, Sheidheda responds in kind that its too bad she can't kill him. Start studying Trigedasleng Phrases. Os. All alliances are risky. Trig Sen ai op. These look pretty much like the independent pronouns, but each of the cells except first person plural has an alternate "plural referent" form. Chit nou frag yu op na teik yu ste mou yuj. I know that Ice Nation motherf*cker came back for her. Basic Information Weather) may also speak the language. Trigedasleng is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of the 100, known as Grouders. Yu na pudon emo oukou op, ba yu nou na bilaik won kom emo nowe. Stop worrying, Gustus. Type Lev yo op meija en mema yo in: Yo gada yo rein in kom yo Sheidjus. She later tells Becca Franko that she had learned Latin when she was 10 to help create the language. He also records audio files with the correct pronunciation of each sentence which are then forwarded to the actors. Oso souda lok em veida tro op fou bilaik emo hon emo sobwe op. Trigedasleng is a constructed language (conlang) developed by David J. Peterson for use on the CW show The 100. These verbs can co-occur with satellites, but that typically changes their meaning. Like you've always told me, we don't make peace with our friends. He slams her against a wall and asks her who she really is. For treason against your Commander and your people, you will now suffer Death by a Thousand Cuts. Some of the Sky People, most notably Octavia Blake, Clarke Griffin, Marcus Kane, and Bellamy Blake, began to learn Trigedasleng after repeated contact with the Grounders. Disha Skaikru ste noseim. May those you love be eaten by wolves before your eyes. : Jus drein jus daun. You can wear their jacket, but you'll never be one of them. p.s. Indra also uses this language to speak with Octavia. I'm Octavia of the Sky People, and I seek safe passage: The dead are gone; the living are hungry: From water we are born, to water we return: From the Earth, we will grow. Trigedasleng Ai nou fir raun kom sheidgeda-de, kos ai sou don hod skaifaya in. This emphatic particle is used to denote a specific instance of a noun. Relative clauses can be formed as in English, without any subordinators or conjunctions. For example, "Clarke Griffin of the Sky People" is Klark Grifin kom Skaikru and not, say, Klark kom Grifinkru. Mou bilaik Maunon kom oso. Ogeda hukop ste ifi. However, as Indra moves to kill him, Sheiheda replies "not today" in English and stabs himself with the Disciple locator tagging device, escaping through the Anomaly. In A Little Sacrifice, after being left with Cadogan, Niylah comments on the awkwardness of the situation in Trig. Branwoda seintaim get in taim na set yu daun. Swega em klin. This alliance will cost you your life, Commander. Then, we free our people.". You all must leave this place. NixieCB. I am Octavia of the Sky people and I want to pass. I would give you the sun, moon, and stars. Understanding her comment, Cadogan asks after his daughter and Niylah tells him what she knows of Callie's ultimate fate from Grounder legend. Ai nou fir raun. Too easy to lose your way: 'Taim yu drag raun, taim yu ge ban au. Ai nou fir raun. During the six year time skip, many more Sky People learned Trigedasleng, including Nathan Miller, Monty Green, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, and Harper McIntyre. My fight is over: Ai gonplei ste odon 3. Trigedasleng is not a creole, but a descendant of American English alone, and while it may share similarities with AAVE (African American Vernacular English, which is also derived from American English), those similarities are not intentional, and Trigedasleng does not derive from AAVE. In The Flock, after massacring the Faithful, Sheidheda orders that the door be opened in Trig and declares that "my fight is just beginning.". We conduct discussions the night of airing and the morning after while the show is airing. STUDY. Translation : “If you fall behind, you get left behind. Nou tel ai op ha ai na teik ai hana ogud! Relative clauses can also be formed using bilaik, which has no direct counterpart in English. Additional Information That is why I decreed that our ways will change.
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